Another opportunity to enjoy the most expensive coffee in the world - Kopi Luwak

Coffee lovers and its true connoisseurs would give much of what they own to get the opportunity to try a cup of authentic Kopi Luwak coffee…

This expensive coffee gets its name from an Indonesian creature that consumes perfectly ripe berries to give us what gives this coffee divine quality. This premium coffee, which is also considered the most expensive coffee in the world, sells for nearly $ 600 for half a kilo. However, in recent years, the popularity of this coffee has been declining due to the conditions of its production. Specifically, animals that are key to its production are often locked in cages and truly inconvenient conditions, which raises a number of questions about animal cruelty and the legitimacy of the final consumer product.

Still, to make sure Kopi Luwak coffee reaches its hardened fans, without any cruelty in the production process, Difference Coffee takes the stage. This company produces the highest quality coffee and supplies the Kopi Luwak variant from Gayo Estate, Indonesia's only certified production of this sort. Unlike other production facilities, on this property, animals enjoy their natural environment and choose the ripest berries for consumption.

After the coffee beans are eaten and thrown out, they go through a series of serious and thorough washes, while respecting the strict sorting parameters established by the Specialty Coffee Association. The result is a rich-tasting coffee that is gentle on your palate, together with elements of chocolate and caramel. In fact, this coffee can now be ordered online in the form of individual Nespresso capsules, priced at $ 6 per capsule. Are you for coffee?

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