Are you in the mood for an espresso which costs 60 bucks?

It’s not unusual for car salons to greet their potential buyers with a cup of coffee…

However, things are a bit different when it comes to Bugatti dealership, where you’ll need to pay about 60 dollars for a cup of coffee, which also grants you the complete access to the salon.

HR Owen Bugatti – one of the most luxurious London car dealerships, has opened an exclusive espresso bar in their Mayfair showroom. Named after the founder of the famous French brand, Ettore’s Espresso Bar is the first of its kind installed in any Bugatti shop in all the world. Thanks to the espresso bar, this invitation-only showroom opened its doors to public.

Ettore’s Espresso Bar is adequately themed around the Bugatti heritage in car manufacture and is designed to exude the spirit of the brand owner, who constantly tried to move the limits of excellence. Espresso bar is equipped with a top-notch Italian espresso machine, as an homage to the Italian birth place of the brand’s founder.

The most important drink available in the newly opened bar is the Ettore Shot which costs around 60 dollars – it’s a cup of espresso served in a beautiful Bugatti cup, made of carbon fibre, which gives you complete access to the amazing London dealership. The price includes enjoying the coffee in a Bugatti designed armchair, covered with the finest leather and blue carbon fibres. Apparently, if you look around, you’ll also se a three-million-dollar Bugatti parked nearby, which is like a cherry on the top.

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