200.000 dollars tuna

This tuna is simply too good for cans.

During its ceremonial New Year’s auction, Tokyo’s famous Toyosu fish market sold the capital. Weighing 229 kilograms, the tuna that was sold changed hands at a price of 202,000 dollars. And while that’s definitely an impressive amount for any variety of seafood, it actually represents only 10% of the price paid last year and practically a fraction of $ 3.1 million as much as tuna cost in 2019.

Such an impressive drop in price can be attributed to a drop in quality, but in fact that was not the case. As you might have guessed, the corona virus pandemic and the large number of closed restaurants contributed to this. With a limited market and a large number of people ordering their food and eating at home due to the pandemic, this business, which once flourished, is slowly collapsing.

The auction itself had to be changed due to a pandemic. Due to public health, this event, which was usually full of people, was limited, and in addition, it was held at a time when the infection was at a record high in Tokyo.

The tuna was bought by Jukitaka Yamaguchi, one of the leading suppliers of fine tuna, whose clients are people like sushi master, Takashi Saito. Caught near Oma in northern Japan, this fish will be served at Ginza Onodera, a group of Tokyo restaurants that are truly prestigious.

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