Are you in the mood for Teslaquilla?

Do you remember when Elon Musk tweeted the launch of Teslaquila on April 1, 2018? Well, even though it was a joke then, it definitely isn’t now!

Two years later, Tesla Tequila became part of our real world, offered in a bottle in the form of lightning with a volume of 750 ml. Created as a work of Nosotros Tequila, while ripening in a French oak barrel, tequila has a taste of dried fruit and vanilla, with notes of cinnamon.

Limited to two bottles per customer, the tequila sold out just hours after its official launch. For now, we have no idea whether a new contingent is planned to be released, but as we find out, empty bottles can already be purchased through eBay, with prices up to three times higher than the original, which was $ 250.

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