Your favorite fashion chocolatiers, Armani / Dolci, just presented their Spring Blossom 2015 edition...

Their new edition not only welcomes spring, it is celebrating Easter at the same time. No need to look for excuses if you want to enjoy this excellent desserts, and take care of your diet. The most important part of this collection is a traditional Italian Easter cake Colomba - delicate cake prepared with natural ingredients such as almonds, candied fruit and sugar crumbs.

Other treats from their Spring Blossom edition are Easter chocolate eggs and their chocolate pralines that are favorites for numerous gourmands. The entire collection is packaged in sophisticated boxes, which are lined with dark blue silky paper, which is hand-decorated with white orchid prints, and closed with the sleek blue satin ribbon.

Colomba cake from this edition, which weighs one kilogram costs 40 EUR, while chocolate Easter eggs cost 20 euros.

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