Bowmore delights us with their 30-year-old edition

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1989 was a really turbulent time - Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web, the Berlin Wall fell, and the Bowmore Distillery set aside its award-winning single malt whiskey to delight whiskey lovers in the future… Finally, it is now ready for tasting!

The 30-year-old we are talking about has matured over three decades in the finest sherry and bourbon barrels, inside Bowmore No.1 Vault - one of the oldest warehouses with that function. Like the internet, it has evolved over time and gained color due to its history.

Selected from just two crates each year, according to the brand, this whiskey has built the very core of its character for the past thirty years. With a hint of burnt gold, the whiskey is bottled with a strength of 45.3 percent and contains a rich fruity and subtly smoky taste.

The aromas of banana, peach, pineapple, vanilla and caramel can be felt in it, along with tropical fruits, honey and eucalyptus. After the first sip, it will delight you with its warmth and aroma that stays in your throat after it.

In addition to the whiskey itself, the convenient packaging in which it comes is designed as a homage to the terrain that surrounds the historic, 242-year-old distillery. The box is inspired by the detailed lines of the wood, as well as the refined smoothness of the glass, in order to reflect the eternal connection of this whiskey with its birthplace.

As expected, this rare edition will not be available in huge quantities, nor will it be affordable. Only 2,580 bottles will be available for purchase globally, with a price of $ 2,500 per bottle.

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