Bushmills presents new limited edition luxury scotch

After the presentation of the exclusive Causeway collection, consisting of ten single malt whiskeys, the Irish brand Bushmills brings us a new, thirty-year-old and limited edition, ready to amaze all fans of this strong spirit...

American Oak Cask single malt has aged in oloroso sherry and bourbon barrels, while its flavor has been finished with new overseas oak and standing in its barrels for sixteen years. The luxury line was bottled in September this year, bringing the world refined taste, great strength and outstanding quality.

Commenting on her new line, the brand's chief technologist, Helen Mulholland said: "The maturation of our whiskey in American oak barrels over sixteen years has allowed it to gradually lose its sweetness, making it creamier and velvety in texture. I simply adore its tropical, fruity notes, accompanied by irresistible traces of coconut and soothing aromas of natural wood. I am very proud of our success in creating these sensational flavors, which rise like waves, in whiskey that is as old as thirty years. Just like the entire Causeway collection, the drinks from the new line are a homage to our love of single malts, our unique barrels and the 400-year history of whiskey making. ”

One hundred bottles of thirty-year-old American Oak Cask single malt whiskey will be available to customers in Dublin, more precisely, at its Cork airport, from December 17, 2020. year, with a price of $ 851 per bottle. The other 332 bottles of the limited edition of the Bushmills company will be presented at the beginning of next year, so that the holidays will be far more solemn for all those who will be able to travel to Ireland.

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