Ten pounds of Petrossian Tsar Imperial caviar is worth about 100,000 Euros, which may sound ridiculous when compared with this special kind of caviar...

A kilo of these special type caviar costs around 100,000 Euros. This is the most expensive food in the world and it is completely new caviar. It was created by a fish farmer Walter Gruel in collaboration with his son Patrick. This powdery caviar, called Strottarga Bianco, is made of a rare albino fish eggs, and riddled with the 22-carat gold. For preparation of caviar, five kilograms of white caviar is used, which is then dehydrated to give a kilogram of gold mixture. This mixture is worth about 270,000 Euros, but is now offered "on sale" at a cost of 100,000 Euros per kilo, so people can have first try and see what they are offering and see the impeccable quality. This caviar will be served in luxurious restaurants around the world, from Monaco to Dubai.

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