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Joel Robuchon restaurant, which is part of MGM Hotel & Casino, has just unveiled its newest menu…

It is a luxurious 18-course offering food brought all the way over from Robuchon’s establishment in Bordeaux, France. Chef Joel Robuchon called this menu, on which he collaborated with Executive Chef Claude Le-Tohic and Executive Pastry Chef Salvatore Martone, one his greatest creation ever. The first course consist of a carpaccio of foie gras and potatoes covered with black truffle shavings, a Scottish salmon confit coated with Osetra caviar and a wasabi cream, and a main lobster in a thinly sliced turnip with sweet and sour dressing. This is followed by a black truffle tart with confit onions and delicious smoked bacon, pan fried egg with pearl rice and black truffle. Frog leg fritters with garlic puree and parsley coulis will make it just perfect.

This delicious feast continues with truffled ravioli with green cabbage, seared diver sea scallop with kumquat and caviar, and a medley of aromatic herbs in an exotic sauce. There’s also sea urchin atop a puree of fennel and potato with citrus juice, caramelized black cod in a Malabar black pepper sauce. After that, the customers will get to enjoy a spiny lobster grilled with green curry jus and fresh coriander. For your information, these are just the opening dishes!

Main course is Châteaubriand beef, decorated with foie gras and rolled in specific black truffles with Porto sauce and puree. If this is not enough for you, you can enjoy a selection of bread and dessert, which are on a trolley wandering around the restaurant. You can choose between 40 types of sweets and chocolates. Wines which perfectly follow these meals are hand picked by Wine Director William Moss and they are available upon request.

Prices for this opulent meal start at $445 per person.

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