Adored in aristocratic circles „Dom Pérignon“ is icon of power, fame, wealth and success...

Story about „Dom Pérignon“ is story about hedonism, elegance and romantic moments, but also a story about a monk and a mythical place of champagnes origin – San Pier Abbey in Oliver. Father Perignon, who, as story says, was completely blind, started to experiment with several kinds of grapes during 1688.

French champagne is undisputedly finest sparkling wine in the world. Champagne region is located 150km from Paris and divided in four areas, and the most famous one is Dom Perignon, and only sparkling wines from this area can call themselves champagne.

„Dom Pérignon“ contains 55% of Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir. Vintage from 2002. is considered the best one since 1996. Perfect impression is created by silk foam and flower aromas. Standard bottle is 0.7l but there are many limited edition series made in cooperation with exclusive companies and celebrities.

In 2007. Karl Lagerfeld created „Dom Pérignon Pink Guitar“, edition with 6 bottles and 3 crystal glasses, packed in pink guitar case. This exclusive set is still in sale with price of 100.000 euros.


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