Exclusive edition of Louis XIII cognac

Four French houses of luxury, were merged to create the monumental masterpiece, L'Odyssee d'Un Roi...

As flawless homage to a mythical journey through time cognac, Louis XIII company collaborated with brands Hermes, Saint Louis and Puiforcat. To pay homage to the legacy of luxury travel Louis XIII creating a series of three art objects, each brand has contributed with its centuries-old knowledge. This unique masterpiece will be presented in the cultural capitals of various countries as part of the annual traveling exhibition.

Each crystal edition, which contains a rare mixture of Louis XIII, passed through the hands of more than 50 different artists who have dedicated more than 1,000 hours of work to each piece of L'Odyssee d'Un Roi. Baptiste Loiseau, expert from Remy Martin brand, along with his former colleagues Pierrette Trichet, has created an incredible mixture that is a collection of eaux-de-vie Grande Champagne, which are rare and precious.

Seamlessly package that is designed for this exclusive creation is actually handmade by Hermes brand, created from the finest leather. Modeled on the classic bags, the interior of the packaging is very luxurious and has enough room for unique magnum decanter of Louis XIII. In the video you can see how they made this case.

Pipette engraved with white gold is the work of masters Puiforcat, and is meant for an exquisite ritual serving of this precious drink. Special crystal decanter, or a carafe, and appropriate glasses are hand-blown, processed and engraved in Saint Louis Royal Crisallerie.

Sotheby's will hold an auction for the sale of all three Louis XIII Unveils L'Odyssee d'Un Roi items, and proceeds will be directed Film Foundation, a non-profit organization, founded by Martin Scorsese with several leading directors, with the aim of preservation and restoration of classic films, ensuring their survival for future generations.

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