Boa decanter, inspired by the Year of the Snake, is the perfect choice for your young wines...

Over the years, Riedel, the manufacturer of high-quality crystal wine glasses and related glass products, stretched its imagination to design serpentine vessels in other shapes, sizes and colors to parallel the variety of snake species found in nature. For the 2013 Ambiente trade show inFrankfurt, Riedel presented the new Boa decanter with a unique shape and function.

“Having been born in the year of the snake inspired my great fascination with this mysterious creature,” commented Maximilian J. Riedel, President Of Riedel Crystal, the 11th generation family member, son of Georg J. Riedel.

“I create my decanters to have equal parts grace and command, while being functional tools that enhance the experience of enjoying wine.”

Riedel Crystal debuted also a playful, animated video dedicated to Boa decanter and the family of Riedel Snake-like decanters (Mamba and Eve).

“I am proud to say that this cartoon is not only a first for the wine industry but has never been done before to launch a new product in the table top or glass industry,” said Maximillian Riedel.

Effective July 1, 2013, a 10th change of generation will take place at the glass manufacturer. Georg J. Riedel will hand over management of Riedel Crystal and its worldwide subsidiaries to his son Maximilian J. Riedel.

Father and son have agreed that now is the time to transfer the business to the next generation. Georg J. Riedel , who joined the company in 1973, changed the fine wine drinking culture through his work with leading wine visionaries, including Robert Mondavi , Marcel Guigal, Angelo Gaja and others.

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