French baguette takes a new title

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In addition to wine, champagne and unpretentious style, the French are known for their baguette, which finally received the well-deserved title of "intangible cultural heritage"...

The bread — said to have been first made in 1839 by a Viennese-born baker named August Zang, although others believe Napoleon first ordered it for his soldiers — is considered of such cultural importance to France and the rest of the world because of its artisanal qualities and influence in the baking world.

UNESCO chief Audrey Asoulay said "[it] celebrates the French way of life". She added: "A baguette is a daily ritual, a structural element of a meal, synonymous with sharing and socializing. It is important that these skills and social habits continue to exist in the future.”

Appreciated for the "craftsmanship and culture of baguette bread", the baguette is now listed alongside other regional traditions such as authentic Chinese tea making.

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