Whenever it comes to exquisite and exclusive drinking, connoisseurs of cognacs know one brand – Hennessy...

Their amazing achievements have got us baffled for a number of times yet they haven’t yet given all their best. In close collaboration with Lane Crawford, presenter and seller of top-notch items from internationally renowned brands, Hennessy has so made it that the exclusive, limited edition booze will be available for purchase, starting with the 15th of July, at the Lane Crawford boutique in the IFC Mall in Hong Kong, as well as from the Lane Crawford store at Canton Road.

The Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection VI is a superb reminder of the process need to be undergone by the liquor to come up as it finally does. Boasting with exceptional character and one off elegance, the Hennessy X.O presents itself with a deep, intense aroma, gorgeous amber colour and bold nature. Delicately spiced and exquisitely fine, it quickly puts out shy notes of candied fruit aromas upon a round texture.

Thanks to the renowned extensive ageing processes of their cognacs, the drink is extremely complex and pretty hard to decipher even by the most accomplished of connoisseurs. The Hennessy Paradis Imperial is inspired by a special order placed by the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna in 1818 to celebrate her son’s – Tsar Alexander I – 42nd birthday on the Christmas Eve. The one off decanter was created by acclaimed designer Stephanie Balini – a brand new faceted-shape bottle embellished with an 18-carat gold-plated label recalling the costumers of the imperial court alongside an exquisite crystal cabochon. Of course, each of the decanters will be individually numbered and unique.

The stunning Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection VI will reportedly be available in 70cl bottles at HK $2,350 or 150cl decanters at HK $5,500. The wonderful Hennessy Paradis Imperial though costs a more massive HK $19,800.

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