Japanese whiskey pushing boundaries

In the world of whiskey, Japanese variants are a major trend nowadays…

The last to come into our limelight is another rare offering - the Yamazi 55. Only 100 bottles of limited edition are currently available for purchase, with a staggering price of three million yen, or $ 27,600.

Kengo Torii, director of Suntory Whiskey who owns the blend, said, "We didn't have the opportunity to launch a Yamazaki product on the market, and we always wanted to develop the product using our oldest ingredients," adding that Yamazaki had come to the barrel before he was born.

Made from a very rare amount of unmixed whiskey, the Yamazi 55, which matured in mizunara oak and American white oak barrels, contains aromatic notes of pineapple and orange peel, with a flavor profile considered mild. In addition to its fruity aroma, the drink has a sweet and woody taste with a ripe and long finish. The reddish color of the whiskey will be especially striking because of the bottle in which it is made, which is made of Japanese crystal, with an embossed number 55, which is covered with gold leaves.

Customers of this limited edition whiskey will be drawn with the help of the lottery and will be able to buy their beverage from June this year.

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