Jay Z celebrates his 50th birthday with a special edition cognac

He will launch a limited edition D'Usse this week...

Fiftieth birthday can be celebrated only once in your life, like all the other ones, so Jay Z decided to celebrate it with style. The entrepreneur and Grammy award-winning rapper received a special edition of the super-premium D'Usse brandy, which he co-owns with Bacardi. Although D'Usse is known for their VSOP and XO cognac blends, this is their first single offering.

Aptly named D'Usse 1969 Anniversaire Edition, this 100% Grand Champagne Cognac has matured for decades in the cellars of the prestigious Chateau de Cognac in France. One of its barrels was discovered by Jay Z, along with cellar master Michel Casavecchia, and as it turned out, the drink stored in it had a spectacular texture and flavor, which is why they decided to preserve it for a great fiftieth birthday.

Unlike most cognacs, which are a mixture of eaux-de-vie, this one not only comes from a barrel of French oak, but is created from one eau-de-vie. When discovered, Casavecchia left it to mature further in the basement.

"Its aromas have now evolved into unique characteristics, distinguishing of this variety," says the cellar master. "Its color is light golden, with shimmering reflections. The taste gives us rich aromas of fresh chestnut, hazelnut and candied apple. After the first sip, it reveals its distinctive potency, with powerful, woody notes and a long fruity finish, with a touch of leather and cigars. ”

Due to the evaporation that marked such a long period of time, there was enough liquid in the barrel for an estimated 150 to 200 crystal decanters, each of which received its own unique pedestal. Jay Z has individually numbered the first fifty decanters, which he will gift to his family, friends and associates. With a price tag of $ 5,000 a bottle, the rest of the cognacs will be globally available for purchase during this holiday season.

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