Jura launches a new limited edition whiskey

If you are planning a visit to Asia, and especially Taiwan, we have great news for you, provided that you are a whiskey lover…

Doing what they do best, the Jura Whiskey has just launched its latest release - it’s a new 12-year-old cherry single malt that will be available exclusively in Taiwan. As part of the brand's permanent series, this drink is finished using the finnest Spanish sherry barrels, in order to get a quality and rich taste.

Described as lively and full of character, whiskey was distilled using Jura high barrels. It matured in American white oak barrels that once contained bourbon, before being finished in premium, hand-picked Oloroso Sherry barrels from Spain. Whiskey contains rich aromas of chocolate, chestnut and citrus, with hints of smoked honey, salted bananas and brown sugar.

Finally, we must emphasize that this whiskey is designed as a limited edition, and the price is still unknown.

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