Louis Roederer and Philippe di Meo presented extravagant Limited Edition Jeroboam design for Cristal 2002...

There are many of those who think that champagne is only for special occasions. Luxury designer extraordinaire Philippe di Meo has teamed up with Champagne Louis Roederer to produce a limited edition Jeroboam design for the cuvee Cristal 2002 and it coast 26.000 USD. Limited to just 400 bottles worldwide, only 200 of these gold bathed bottles have been released for 2013.

Each of the medallion bottles are worked as 100% handcrafted art-pieces, where each of them took at least 4 days of work to come to form. This meant that each bottle had 2 master goldsmiths from 12 different trades put together everything to perfection. Each bottle reportedly has the design recreated on it’s body with the 700 meters of brass tape dipped in 24-karat gold, apart from 508 silver welded points on them to create the special latticework.

The beverage inside each bottle happens to be one of the most distinctly flavored, Jeroboam 2002 champagne. Cherished as one of the finest since the turn of the millennium, it has finally been housed in a bottle worthy of being a collectible.  Only 200 of them will be available for this year whereas the following 200 will come in future...



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