Champagne House Devavry in Champillon (at a stone throw from the Abbey of Hautvillers where Dom Perignon created champagne )has been making champagne for five generations, producing half a dozen wines on their ten-hectare property using traditional methods.

The latest product from this champagne house is Cuvée Carbon, produced by Alexandre Méa, the youngest of the family. This perfectly selected mix of the greatest chardonnay and pinot noir grapes from Cotes de Blancs and the Marne Valley comes in special bottle, hand-made out of pure carbon (it took over six days), to brings an undeniable elegance to the delicacy of the beverage.

The combination of fine selected grapes gives the wine delicacy and finesse, subtlety, purity and a smooth mouth-feel. From the initial aromas of lemon zest and juicy fruit, the taste is sweet and floral with notes of honey which become creamier with spicy fragrances. The palate is lively, structured and rigorous with a dynamic effervescence.

Cuvée Carbon is the haute Couture of the winery, and is available in large format bottles (1.5 liters, 6 liters and 15 liters): Magnum, Methuselah and Nebuchadnezzar. The prices range from $2,900 for one magnum to whopping $48,000 for 15 leters Nebuchadnezzar. Cuvée Carbon is known as the “King of wines and the wine of kings! ” Prince Albert of Monaco officially supported Cuvée Carbon during its launch.

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