Moet Chandon - pink flamingos and champagne

Moet Rose Limited Edition u boji flaminga

Did you know that a group of flamingos is called "flamboyance"? Probably because of its vibrant colors...

Moet Rose Imperial brings a touch of vibrant pink shades with their new limited edition, Moet Rose Limited Edition with flamingos. Only this shade was quite adequate for this wine, which is so extravagant, interesting and pink, like a true expression of the Moet & Chandon style.

When you share this wine with your friends, you actually share #moetmoment, cheerful, happy, funny and graceful. Flamingos are an ideal way for adding glamor to all your festive occasions or moments when you simply want to enjoy a good wine. This limited edition was a step forward from the iconic bottle design by which the brand is known for. The new bottle is fun, chic and bright pink. Once you see the pink champagne, it will change forever in your eyes.

The question is do you have the courage? When you open this bottle, conquer all your fears.

Would you dare to kiss the person who sits next to you? Would you dare to embrace a passerby? Would you dare to say "I love you" out loud?

With this new edition, Moet encourages and challenges you to enjoy your life.

This champagne is available for purchase in selected trendsetting boutiques in the regular bottle of 750 ml and Mini release of 20 cl. Open and enjoy!

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