New gastronomy trend - Mosaic Sushi

Nothing you can wake up the appetite better than the smell of delicious food and beautiful pictures of food...

Thus, the trend we present you with this time, immediately attracted the attention of all lovers of gastronomy. We all know that the Japanese are people who enjoy arranging food and every bite, and their Bento boxes are there for a very good reason.

Thanks to new technologies and social networks, food lovers now have a place where they show the world their talent. From Japan this time an interesting culinary art comes to us, called Mosaic sushi, where blocks of fish, rice and vegetables are represented as beautiful colorful contrasting tiles.

If you love Japanese food, scroll through our gallery after a meals or with food in front of you, because you will surely get hungry. In one picture you can see boxes of tuna, egg yellow, pink salmon and cucumber on a bed of rice, decorated with caviar, oranges and edible flower petals. Each food cube in these arrangements is the size of a mouthful, so neat and sophisticated.

In every sense of the word, this new movement is kawaii, or too sweet, translated from the Japanese language. We are confident that it will become a hit among the kids, but also adults. Like all other things in our lives, food has become an art, with which you can express yourself and decorate at least a few moments in a day.

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