Oldest Scottish Whisky to Be Auctioned for a Noble Cause

This exquisite sculpture contains 50-year-old whisky from one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and could sell for up to $650,000 at auction.

Brora Iris, a 50-year-old single malt whisky, represents an exceptional work of art from the Brora distillery. The bottle showcases the company's emblem, featuring a Scottish wildcat in a stunning artistic rendition, and it is expected to fetch a price of $650,000 at an auction in partnership with Sotheby's. Not only is it incredibly visually appealing, but it also contains the oldest Brora single malt ever bottled. Brora Iris is presented in a 1.5-liter decanter and is housed within a monolithic stone sculpture.

Scottish sculptor and artist Michelle De Bruin used limestone, the material the distillery is built from, to construct her sculpture. This five-decade-old work was donated by Diageo, the world's leading Scotch whisky distillery, for the "The Distillers One of One Charity Auction." The highest bidder will have the opportunity to visit the refurbished distillery with five guests.

Johnny Fowl, Head of Whisky Department at Sotheby's auction house, said, "We are delighted to introduce Brora Iris. Few distilleries in the world elicit such grandeur and admiration as Brora, and the opportunity provided by this unique work of art and incredible whisky makes this lot one of the highlights of the auction. After having tasted it myself, I can say that this is truly an exceptional Brora."

Javier Ferrán, Chairman of Diageo, said, "We are pleased to support The Distillers' Charity by donating Brora Iris for the upcoming The Distillers One of One auction. We look forward to contributing to the industry's efforts to benefit young people and communities supported by the charity throughout Scotland."

The second edition of The Distillers One of One Charity Auction will take place at Hopetoun House, near Edinburgh, on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

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