PERRIER JOUET & VIK MUNIZ - delightful fairytale

As its latest limited edition, champagne house Perrier-Jouet and her master Herve Dechamps, have chosen a vintage 2005 Cuvee Belle Epoque Rose...

And what is even more exciting, as we found out, this excellent brand of champagne has hired respected Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz to design a new bottle for this version of champagne. What Muniz did with the bottle depicts the perfect imagination of the artist, his creativity and ability to create objects that have really unique aspects. He devised a fairytale encounter between golden birdy and famous Perrier-Jouet anemone. How Muniz says, when the bird comes into contact with the flower to drink its nectar and marvel at its beauty, white petals bloom and become soft pink - which is the same color as this phenomenal champagne.

Muniz, who is also known as low-tech illusionist, uses natural materials from a wide range - even going from dust to diamonds. To create this project he used the scraps of gold, and photographed this beautiful scene and applied it to the bottle using gold bars. The scene that was painted on the bottle is a bird that flies toward anemones. This bottle will soon become part of the collections of many lovers of unique works of art, as it represents the genius and art of designing of this expert in the perfect way.

"Given how Perrier-Jouet brand always loved Art Nouveau and love of the direction towards the fascination and beauty, the idea came to mind on its own," said Muniz.

Otherwise, this wine consists of Chardonnay, selected grapes of the brand, while the red Pinot Noir adds a salmon pink color to the whole idea. Pinot Meunier is also part of this mixture, and all three types originate from grapes which are grown in this region of France. Deschamps described this wine as something most extravagant that exists in their Belle Epoque collection. A lot of fruit flavors such as strawberry, citrus, cherry and orange with milk and hints of spice can be tasted in its composition.

This wine will be presented at the beginning of the upcoming holiday season, and officials of Perrier-Jouet brand are hoping that their Cuvee Belle Epoque Rose Limited Edition by Vik Muniz will be the perfect companion to the New Year's party. Wine is aptly presented in a gift box, so it's the perfect gift for a loved one. Only a limited number of these bottles will be available worldwide in order to ensure superior quality and exclusivity of this limited edition.

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