Remy Martin launches a special edition in honor of its history

History is intriguing and in itself amazing, and the best conversations on the subject take place with a glass of the finest cognac…

Speaking of cognac, a very special one was introduced in Paris as early as 1900. The Expo 2020 World's Fair, to be held in Dubai in October, was the Paris Fair held in 1900, where Louis XIII was introduced by famed producer, Paul Emil Remy Martin.

Even then, some 83,000 exhibitors from all over the world bowed before this cognac, which immediately picked up all the praise for its quality and exclusivity. To celebrate that moment in the present day, House of Remy Martin created the Louis XIII Time Collection: Tribute to the City of Lights - 1900.

Cognac is limited to 2,000 numbered decanter, decorated with elegant details and 18-carat champagne gold. Also, we must emphasize that the decanter is hand-blown by masters from the Saint-Louis brand.

This cognac's magnificent past is celebrated with the futuristic detail of the latest edition, which is mirrored by a zipper embossed with an NFC chip. This brings several benefits to customers, such as product authentication, access to the Louis XIII Society private club, unique experiences, personalized services and the like.

The Louis XIII Time Collection line can now be purchased for $ 10,600.

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