Royal Salute represents $ 30,000 whiskey

Whiskey lovers know that Royal Salute variants bring with them a lot…

Each drink in the range of this brand has matured for at least twenty-one years or more, and the latest offering they have just presented to us is twice as old as that. Limited to just 106 bottles, this batch of whiskey will cost you a whopping 30,000 dollars per bottle.

Created by Master distiller, Sandy Hislop, Time Series 52 Year Old Single Cask Finish whiskey is made by combining the oldest and most valuable whiskeys - those who are at least thirty-eight years old - in an American oak barrel.

"The longer the whiskey matures, the more delicate it becomes. At 52 years of age, the delicate balance of some of the rarest whiskeys in our range has created an unprecedented depth of taste and incredibly complex characteristics, creating striking expression that perfectly exemplifies why time is a key element in our creations, ”says Hislop.

Thanks to the marathon ripening process, the whiskey has an intensely fruity aroma, which reminds us of ripe plums and red apples. When you take a sip, you will experience syrupy pears, ginger, sweet orange jam, with a touch of liquorish, all balanced by a magnificent creamy finish.

This Scot is the first in Royal Salute's new Time Series collection, and is housed in a decanter created from hand-blown Dartington crystal. The decanter is presented in a special Time Series box created from five layers of wood, each layer representing a different decade in the life of this blend.

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