Notorious for its history of innovation, Veuve Clicquot enjoys honoring history itself.

Resurrecing the bulbous curves of a 50's icebox, Clicquot put its twist on an old classic and brings us the mini-pink version of the original. Funky and fun, the Fridge of today celebrates the glamorous one of yesterday with stylized lines and a lightweight portability.


Through the centuries Veuve Clicquot has become known as the House with cutting edge ideas; Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin created the fer first Rosé Champagne in 1775. Obviously, the idea caught on. Yet the style of Veuve Clicquot remains unique - even just in the rosé-making process of macerating black grapes in whine white, and blending red wines with white. Others make rosé by simply fermenting black grapes with their skins, but Veuve Clicquot upholds that blending with Pinot Noir produces a more balanced rosé, adding a hint of tannic earthiness to complement rosé fruitiness.

The elegent, fruit-based charm of Veuve Clicquot Rosé has led it to become the instinctive choice of any distinctive celebration, as well as every romantic occasion.


Give the gift of champagne, and give it with style. Veuve Clicquot introduces the Rosé Fridge to cradle your bottle, fete the fabulous fifties, and complete the color collection. With its retro design inspired by the iconic refrigerators of the 1950's, the Rosé Fridge joins its Yellow Fridge counterpart - to be cool.


Of course, the gift if givig is also kind, when intended to yourself! Crack open the fridge to satisfy your own temptation and delight in the bubbly reward. Hold on to the Rosé Fridge as a memento or simply as a design accessory for home. Savor the most decadent of midnight snacks - the Fridge can keep a chilled bottle cool for up to 2 hours.

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