Would like a sip of pure gold gin?

Everything that shines is not gold, but it can certainly be a glass of gin… Have we confused you?

We’re talking about Liquid Gold Alcohol’s latest release, presented as a 24-carat gin, which, as you can guess, is made using pure gold. Made in the United Kingdom, this luxury gin contains rich herbs such as lavender, anise seeds and juniper, all mixed with a touch of liquid gold. The gin was created as a handiwork by professional mixologists, and offers a fresh taste with a smooth finish.

Commenting on this drink, David Connor, its creator, stated: “Gold has been used for consumption by the wisest and wealthiest people since the dawn of time. In Alexandria, 5,000 years ago, gold was considered a mineral that has numerous benefits when it comes to medicine and healing. At the time, it was believed to stimulate vitality. Today, studies show that it contains traces of unique minerals with incredible properties, which gives it a speculative value. For us, it enhances the performance of the body and mind and promotes good mood”.

If you are interested in trying the golden gin, you can find more details on the brand's official website. We know that the price of one bottle is 1,350 dollars.

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