Your virtual perfect wine selection assistant

In the era of smart homes, it was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence would infiltrate your wine collection.

Now, one startup company wants to achieve that inevitability with a robot-powered wine cellar that comes complete with a virtual sommelier. WineCab WineWall uses 21st century smart home technology to showcase your wine collection - and help you choose the right bottle for any occasion. It is something like a state-of-the-art vending machine that can serve you a chilled Dom Perignon, on your command.

At the center of the setup is a seven-axis high-speed robotic arm that loads, scans and pours wine, while three cameras monitor its movement. WineCab says this is the first time such robotic technology has been introduced in residential areas, and has been further enhanced with face recognition software that identifies users and environmental controls that keep your bottles at the correct temperature and humidity. WineWall is also equipped with motion sensors that protect your bottles.

Equally impressive, WineWall also serves as a virtual sommelier. This integrated AI system can identify up to 600,000 vintages on the label and help you pair food and wine. It can also store your ratings and comments and make suggestions based on question and answer formats. This innovative technology distinguishes WineWall from anything else on the market and has earned a place in our interiors.

We have to admit that this robotic wine cellar looks spectacular. Designed for serious wine collectors, each model is made by qualified craftsmen and masters according to the specifications of each individual. You can choose from an endless array of custom cabinets and finishes, including rich wood, metal details and interior wallpapers. You can also opt for personalized engravings.

WineWall is currently offered in a small stand-alone form for those who literally want a wine vending machine. There are also much more dramatic 11-foot and 15-foot models that basically cover the entire wall. Honest warning, they are not cheap. The base model costs $ 179,000, while a large 15-foot wall will cost you $ 249,900.

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