Daxiang design studio presents a unique new restaurant concept

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There is a growing desire among restaurant guests for spiritual fulfillment, and in line with this trend, Daxiang Design uses the "Kyilin," a lucky creature from the "Classic of Mountains and Seas," to create the ambiance of "Zhongyuan Restaurant – Cloud Sea Secret," seamlessly integrating various culinary delights into a poetic play of light and shadow...

Upon entering the restaurant, guests encounter a fusion of light and shadow that creates a highly inspirational experience. Sharp contrasts come to the fore starting from the hallway. In this dimly lit space, a massive cloud formation captures visual attention, while warm, gentle lighting permeates through the narrow corridor. The clouds and light together set the tone for the overall atmosphere. Two Kyilin sculptures are strategically placed in the hallway, not only paying homage to culture but also serving as guides to navigate visitors through their journey.

Showcasing the dynamic characteristics of clouds, from their formation to dispersal in scattered areas, this studio captures the essence of nature, transforming intangible elements into tangible structures that reflect their design intent of evoking images of ascending clouds. Additionally, garden framing techniques are employed on functional windows to further enhance aesthetics.

Designers incorporate the five-petal plum blossom as the primary motif, creating framed landscapes, lamps, accessories, tableware, and flooring, along with other installations that harmoniously align in terms of spatial arrangement and furniture. These installations materialize unpredictable elements, thus finishing the space poetically while perpetuating the ambiance.

The relaxation area exudes a warm autumnal atmosphere through the use of dark gray natural textured stone, a wooden tea table, pink fabric-covered tea chairs adorned with decorative paintings depicting pink sunrises, and a flickering fire in the stove. Furthermore, the outdoor relaxation platform seamlessly connects to the secondary entrance. As night falls, motifs of plum blossom and arch elements outline both sources of light and the landscape, allowing individuals to fearlessly embrace the cold autumn while enjoying the brilliance emitted by the stars and moonlight.

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