Osteria Moderna in Arezzo: Design by Emanuele Svetti

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The story of Osteria Moderna in Arezzo begins like a fairy tale: "Once upon a time, there was a... tavern"...

The tavern, a meeting place for villagers and a resting spot for wanderers, was a symbol of community and enjoyment over a glass of wine. Today, this place comes alive again through the redesign by architect Emanuele Svetti from Svetti Architecture Studio.

Osteria Moderna, opened on April 8, 2021, at the highway exit in Arezzo, is a gem in the heart of Tuscany, a city of great poets and scholars. Designed five years ago by Svetti Architecture Studio, this space is now a symbol of hope - "Ideas emerge from the darkness to see the light," as the architect says. Conceived as a modern tavern, easily accessible to travelers, Osteria Moderna can also become a reference point for the locals, combining memories with a contemporary taste.

Design and Ambiance

The focus of the Osteria Moderna project was on the amaranth color, which, like a heartbeat, enters the interiors. "A touch of color works better than a bucket of cold water," explains the architect, emphasizing that the red color symbolizes energy, as well as the wine highly valued in this city.

The restaurant resembles a traditional tavern with a "mescito" - a space that separates those who want a quick break from those who stay longer. In Osteria Moderna, the cafe is the first point with fast bites for those in a hurry, while the restaurant area offers an elegant atmosphere with a unique color, metal elements, and concrete inserts.

With a capacity of 90 guests and an area of 350 square meters, the tavern includes a terrace for dining during the warm seasons. The family that runs the restaurant also manages the Garden Hotel Arezzo, located behind the restaurant.

Materials and Lighting

The floors are made of epoxy resin with terrazzo tile inserts, while metal tables with minimalist lines are combined with the upper surface of polished gray concrete. The furniture arrangement allows for a wide use of space, following all post-pandemic distancing regulations. Conviviality is also essential in the project, aiming to achieve a blend of private and social context.

Terracotta-colored curtains, an impressive wine display of brushed sheet metal, and a balcony covered with silver ribbed glass on a metal frame complete the interior. Along the wall of the restaurant space are upholstered seats designed by Svetti Architecture Studio, while in the fast bites area, ArchiStool chairs with strict lines dominate.

Play of Shadows and Light

The architect explains how over time he learned that light and shadow are two sides of the same coin. He creates a dialogue between light and shadow in the interiors, reminiscent of the romantic and refined candlelight in rural homes. Gentle lighting evokes ancient places where light was functional, and rarely aesthetic. In the cafe, natural light enters through the windows during the day, while at night, soft artificial lighting prevails, creating an intimate and confidential atmosphere.

Osteria Moderna is a reinterpretation of the spirit of Tuscany, reflected in the gastronomic offerings, combining traditional dishes of the region with other cuisines. This place represents a blend of tradition and modern design, creating an atmosphere that is memorable.

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