The Soul of the Mediterranean in the Heart of Barcelona – Compartir Restaurant

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The chefs of Compartir Restaurant strive to convey the essence of the Mediterranean town of Cadaqués, home to their first restaurant, into their new gastronomic concept in Barcelona...

Stone pathways, blue windows facing the sea, boats swaying in the bay, and the art of weaving wicker that fills the streets are part of the artistic spirit of Dali's city. El Equipo Creativo's design aims to reimagine and recreate this picturesque spirit but reinterpreted from a contemporary urban perspective.

Spatial and Design Solutions

The restaurant is located in a classic space in the Eixample district, with a spectacular steel structure from the early 20th century. It is a space where one can envision an art gallery with large abstract paintings, which is quite common in this neighborhood.

The designers envisioned the design as a spacious white area with three abstract blue "windows" facing the Mediterranean Sea: sculptural, painterly, and textile windows. Each of these "windows" became an opportunity to collaborate with different local artists, with whom customized pieces were created for the restaurant.


Curved mirrors and wicker partitions bring a warm counterpoint, transformed into warm light fixtures scattered throughout the space, providing privacy to the tables, which was a priority for the chef. They recreate an abstract landscape of sails and boats, alluding to the bay of Cadaqués. Bars and kitchens have simple and bold shapes, acting as energy hubs that activate different parts of the restaurant.

Materiality and Sustainability

The design was accompanied by in-depth research into traditional and local construction techniques and materials from the Spanish Mediterranean coast, especially those from Cadaqués. Wicker, stucco, ceramic tiles, slate stone, and more were reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective to be used in new and surprising ways in the design. The goal was to bring warm, light materiality into the space, translated into white textured surfaces with subtle handmade touches. Different natural materials connect the restaurant with the architectural landscape of Cadaqués. The gray tone of slate stone and its application in "trencadís" (traditional Mediterranean technique), along with the natural terracotta tile color, in contrast with the abstract and intense blue colors of the windows, creates a powerful set that can be read almost in painterly terms and is intended for dialogue with the stunning compositions of colors and textures of Compartir Restaurant's dishes.

All materials were locally sourced, and all design elements were locally produced, avoiding long transportation logistics as a small gesture toward helping the planet. Collaboration with small local brands, construction companies, artists, and craftsmen was the best option to streamline all processes and promote collaborative work.

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