A touch of pastel luxury

Interior design projects are not always eccentric, accompanied by the use of different palettes of colours and shapes…

Sometimes, those simpler things in life actually get nicer. This is exactly the idea behind this amazing project, signed by Wise Design. Founded in 2008 in Russia, this design group aimed to find a balance between shape, material and colour. With professionals who specialize in different fields, Wise Design Group creates amazing interiors, wanting to craft an ambience in which enjoyment and beauty will be in the centre of attention.

Their project that we present to you today was an apartment for a couple with two children, where the focus was on creating a children's space, where kids could relax, or one where colours, shapes and materials used when combined, create an ambience that exudes security and beauty.

One of the bedrooms was intended for a younger child who is three years old, and the inspiration for its design came from the adventurous spirit of children and their wild imagination, which can travel beyond the borders of our world. The colour palette chosen for this room is neutral, ranging from light grey and brown, to pastel and beige tones. The pieces of art that adorn the walls are a perfect reflection of a wild world filled with adventure.

Fauna-inspired wallpapers create an accent wall, within reach of which is a bed and a tent, creating the ambience of an enchanted forest. On the other side of the room, next to the Moon carpet, there is a Cloud cupboard with drawers, which is lacquered in pastel tones, in order to fit perfectly with the entire decoration. The sideboard is handmade and inspired by a creative and playful design that reminds us of clouds.

Near the sideboard, there is a learning section, which aims to provide the child with a perfect environment for growing up. The Dream desk was an ideal choice for this space, because it has a modern design that will follow the child's development. With his creative partitions, the child gets the necessary space for all his things. The Cloud bench is created in perfect shape and height, offering real comfort.

For the second child, clients wanted a room that had everything a six-year-old could want. Entering a new phase of his life, with school and other obligations, he needed a room that would inspire his imagination and creativity. With the same elements that were used in the younger child's room, i.e. wall art with mountains, the designers completed the wallpaper using different shades of brown and green. On one side of the bedroom, you can see a wall with a map, which aims to awaken a sense of adventure and exploration.

The graphic letter D, which was used as a decoration, brings a dose of fun to the whole story, creating a room where the child can imagine, dream, explore, learn and feel free.

In the end, we can say that the ambience that was created on this occasion is the embodiment of the personality of young beings who will live in it, but at the same time it is elegant, modern and luxurious.

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