Abu Dhabi's Natural Beige Apartment: Embracing the Warmth of the Middle East

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More photos

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this newly designed apartment in Abu Dhabi.

Created by Red Bureau Studio for Caffe Latte, this space beautifully combines minimalism and functionality, offering a practical and carefree lifestyle while infusing a touch of luxury and sophistication with its magnificent lighting pieces.

In the hustle and bustle of life, finding solace and tranquility is essential. Our home becomes a haven where we can find comfort and rejuvenate ourselves to face the challenges that lie ahead. Beige tones, with their inherent harmony and naturalness, serve as the perfect choice for home decoration, especially for contemporary modern style enthusiasts.

Marble takes center stage in this apartment, adorning various corners, particularly the kitchen. Whether it's the island, walls, or flooring, this exquisite gem adds a touch of elegance. The island serves as a versatile space, ideal for any time of the day, including a functional home office area. Complementing the marble is the Freddo Bar Chair by Caffe Latte, making a bold statement alongside the refined Niku Pendant Lamp.

As the afternoon stretches on, take a leisurely stroll through the living room, featuring a warm wooden floor. Caffe Latte's iconic and contemporary pieces grace this space, with the Cassia Modular Sofa taking the spotlight, supported by the Ceylon Side Table. The Minas Big Center Table exudes sturdiness, while the Jute Rug, in its simple and rounded design, adds a touch of neutrality and charm. Enhancing the overall ambiance is the opulent Naicca Chandelier, providing exquisite lighting.

When dinner time arrives, the Breve II Dining Table and Panna Dining Chair from Caffe Latte offer the perfect companions for enjoying delicious meals. Embracing the "less is more" philosophy, these pieces are accompanied by the Canephora mirror, showcasing authenticity and contemporary design. The dining room also features the grandeur of Naicca, a majestic chandelier that adds a touch of splendor.

At CAFFE LATTE modern Design, paramount importance is given to ergonomic and functional design. Embracing a modern minimalist approach, their creations complement various aesthetics while utilizing a neutral color palette that adds a sense of sobriety to any interior decoration project. Their transversal design appeals to a wide range of tastes, offering a consensual and timeless appeal.

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