Best of the best - Armani Signature Suites

As a city, Milano has many reasons to be proud of, and a famous fashion designer, which dominates the world, Giorgio Armani, is one of them...

Vacation in Armani Hotel Milano is something that is the default mode for all fashionistas and those who want to enjoy the nicer side of life. This hotel embodies the unique philosophy of the famous fashion genius, his unique personality and taste, while the decadent Armani aesthetic is evident in every corner.

Located in the prestigious Milan fashion district, this hotel is located on a very short distance from luxury boutiques, museums and places to enjoy the nightlife. The hotel itself has a ninety-five rooms and suites, each of which has received design with Giorgio Armani's signature. Beautiful and ultra-modern, Armani Signature suites for that very reason, we recommend as the best suites this week.

With a surface area of ​​over 200 m2, these suites are actually two duplex penthouses located on the second floor. When you step inside them, you will be delighted with the impressive entrance, and from there on, things are just better.

The spacious living room with dramatic and modern staircase will occupy your attention for a while. The design of the suites is well thought out and elegant, thanks to the neutral colour scheme that contains shades of beige, grey and black.

When you climb the stairs, you will come to the bedroom and private kitchen. If you're a lover of exercise, then feel free to take advantage of the fully equipped gym with bathroom and enjoy. If you just want to relax, go to your own private cinema and enjoy the LCD screen of 100 inches.

With the help of a multifunctional iPad device which here plays the role of an advanced remote control, you can control the TV, air conditioning and curtains, you can order a wake-up call, read the news, order room service or make a reservation of your choice.

These suites exude a glamorous haute couture vibration for which this designer is known, and they represent a combination of minimalist and ultra-refined style. In themselves, they contain all of the amenities you need to enjoy.


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