Cameron Diaz selling her apartment

Cameron Diaz put up for sale her luxury apartment in Manhattan, at a cost of 25.4 million dollars...

The American actress, who believe it or not, is 43 years old, sold her apartment, which has 400 m2, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a wood-burning fireplace. The actress paid 2.95 million dollars for this apartment in 2008, and completely renovated it, in collaboration with the interior designer Kelly Wrestler.

Her home has furniture from different periods, as well as vintage lighting and mirrors. Since that is oriented to the south, this apartment has enough natural light, expressed with interesting mirrors. Also, the apartment is equipped with the latest technology, such as electric blinds and lighting that is controlled via touch screen remote control.

In this apartment, particularly outstanding is the emerald green kitchen, with brass work areas, guest bathroom with elements of black marble and pink onyx. In the living room, custom wallpaper create ideal decor. Mirrors with golden tones on the chimney above the fireplace, decorate the perfect lounge.

The master bedroom, which is located opposite the living room, offers optimal privacy and your wardrobe, with the entire wall that is covered with mirrors. Unfortunately, the price of the apartment does not include the sophisticated furniture, but Cameron will add it to the package, if the customer is interested to pay more.

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