Classic Scandinavian style luxury

The elegance of this Scandinavian home with gray walls will make you want to renovate your home...

Located in Stockholm, this apartment is surrounded by high-end shops, restaurants and landmarks, and as you can see in the gallery, it is an ideal example of a subtle blend of modern and stylish elements on one side, with classic details and pieces of furniture on the other.

The whole experience of this home begins with the beautiful entrance to the property dating from 1916. When you step inside, you will notice a spacious level, with magnificent ceiling height and well-planned rooms. A centrally located living room, library and dining room fill this space, each of which is magnificently lit by natural sanctity.

The apartment has several rounded walls, which add an extra touch of fluidity to the entire interior. Considering that the building it is in dates from 1916, the walls are massive and wide, and certainly add to the classic and luxurious appearance of the whole environment.

This home has a fully equipped spacious kitchen, facing the courtyard, with an attached balcony facing west. The former staircase is integrated into the pantry, which is perfectly suited for storing groceries and other things that you don’t need every day.

The kitchen contains a mix of modern and classic elements. A stylish black work desk over white drawers takes care of the modern part of this setting, while dining chairs, antique windows and balconies bring a touch of classics.

On the opposite side of the wall, there is a raised bar just above the stove and the microwave. In addition, this apartment comes with a fantastic dining room, which has a large doorframe, with sliding elements that lead you down the hall, with an additional element of larger dimensions, and a similar style, which leads you to the living room.

The master bedroom consists of an antique, open fireplace, which helps create the ultimate in ambience. This room and another room are connected to the bathroom, which has a bathtub, shower and sink, with great modern style. A large mirror above the sink adds to the airy look of this part of the apartment.

This gray-walled Scandinavian home is quite harmonious and welcoming, which has been achieved through renovations over the past few years. It also boasts an amazing combination of classic looks with modern elements that add to its makeup.

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