Dynamic New York apartment

Damask wallpaper with interesting patterns, in today's modern stylized interiors give the impression of authenticity...

In fact, these patterns come from the homonymous Syrian city from the old times, and most interior designers use them to create vintage decorative appearance. In most cases, these designs are combined with modern accents in the form of pieces of furniture and decorations, and the result is a modern space that attracts us with its charm.

The residence that we’re showing you today is the work of James Thomas and it represents the epitome of luxurious living. With great style and sophistication, quality pieces of furniture and soft tones, this residence offers unrivaled views of the city, which are at the same time relaxing and breathtaking.

This private apartment in New York has classic pieces of furniture with straight lines and a few curved geometric shapes, which create stoic atmosphere that is attractive and elegant. The exterior contains modular pieces of furniture with wicker frames, and a touch of greenery for a sense of connection with nature. You can easily imagine yourself here enjoying with a glass of wine in hand and watch the moon and stars, or having fun with your friends.

The living room of this apartment includes a comfortable seating area, covered with a woolen cloth. Color that dominates it difficult to maintain, but in the right way follows the design of the interior. The decor which we can see in it is the unstressed urban chic.

Bedroom is decorated in gray, which is accentuated by glamorous details. Delicate curtains and chairs give it a refinement essence that gives a sense of comfort and privacy. It is ideal for reading books, submerging in your own world, or just enjoying the view. In it there is nothing that is out of the frame of soothing design - it is simple and very elegant.

Kitchen space is quite clear - it is decorated with Eurostyle cabinets, high chairs with wired restraints and structural bar which contributes to the ambience.

When the windows from floor to ceiling are part of the decor, the view is dramatic. All the attention is directed towards them, and if, as is the case here, they are in a good environment, they have very little need for good looks, while they provide multiple benefits for the apartment.

The entire interior is simple without unnecessary details. Elegant furniture, accent pieces and a minimalist sense of space, make this apartment fascinating. Dark wood, smoked glass on consoles, exclusive pieces of lighting and long curtains, gave it dynamics, which reveals it vision of quality and exclusivity.

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