Toth Project studio which is dedicated to architecture and interior design is the one to be praised for the phenomenal family villa in Mosonmagyaróváru in Hungary…

This chic villa is designed for a family of four. What drew our attention instantly were the perfectly manicured gardens and a large pond, which makes a perfect combination for relaxation. The main living room has finishing details in form of laminated floors, contemporary art objects and modern furniture. Leather sofas which have impressive high quality elements and are very luxury play an important role in this space. This room’s plan is open, so the whole atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed, and contemporary at the same time.

Modern kitchen which is a part of this home has all the modern amenities. It has very high standard, which is fulfilled in each part of this room. For example, one of the most interesting elements of this kitchen is the breakfast bar, which has room for two people. Modern cupboards and elegant surfaces complement its sophisticated and contemporary look in the perfect way.

The bedrooms follow modern, but still elegant pattern scheme. They are characterized by the distinctive color patterns and elements which make them unique, a universe all for themselves. 

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