Eternal beauty of black and white interior design

Timeless combination of black and white, can perfectly decorate any space - from kitchen to bedroom...

Interior designers all over the world love to combine these two colors in stripes or checkered patterns, as well as any other variations. This home created by ando studio, is a beautiful illustration of the proper use of black and white. Living room reminds us of an exquisite saloon, in which the women sat and exchanged gossip and small talk, played cards or waited for their turn at the hairdresser's during the forties and fifties. Beautiful white chairs with black detailing, white walls with wooden panels, geometrically designed carpet, modernized floor lamps and all other accents are combined to create envious final result.

The main decor of the living room is highlighted with brass accents, which contribute to the overall luxurious ambience of the room. Natural wood floors emit warmth, without interfering with stunning elegance that can be seen here. Living room expands to additional space, in which the black and white theme is continued with additional elements in shades of plum.

Hallway in this area is in one word fantastic. Its pure brilliance is the witness superior interior design. It illustrates what you can do with walls and ceilings, and how you can give them a voice to speak for themselves. For such an undertaking, you need a lot of energy. In fact, the hall in the apartment would have been perfect if it were decorated just by hanging chandeliers. The console, Chesterfield sofas and black artwork perfectly merge, creating a dynamic entrance area.

The dynamics of this progressive design flows with ease in the dining room space. The bedroom has neutral hues that fit nicely with the black and white theme. Bed with checkered frame is surrounded by delicate pieces of furniture and elegant accent pieces. Drapes are stunning and enhance the overall ambiance of the area. Small accent pieces, such as the white coral and brass sculpture, are perfectly arranged to create a harmonious effect.

Mosaic tiles in the bathroom are something that you will not have a chance to see elsewhere. Black and white layout is here simply sensational. From the beautiful circular metallic mirrors, to an incredible storage space under the sink and combination of impeccable progressivity in this area is unexpected and amazing.

Wall art that can be seen throughout this home is quite original, but combined beautifully. Each piece of art has its own life, while at the same time each of them represents energy metamorphosis. The affinity to the arts, the dynamics of textures, brilliant border effects, and the importance of detail and perfection of the art of are celebrating this space. The ubiquitous sense of equilibrium in this house is interwoven in its every room. Incredible!

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