Gwyneth Paltrows apartment for sale

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More photos

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been trying for some time to sell her apartment, which is located in New York's Tribeca neighbourhood. Now, the luxury flat is again in the offer of Realtors, the famous actress is asking for $ 10 million.

Essentially Paltrow and her husband, Chris Martin, after their divorce, requested $ 14.25 million for this apartment, but they had to lower the price by 2 million in November at the end of last year. Otherwise, this famous couple once bought the in question apartment for the amount of $ 5.1 million.

The apartment is very luxurious, stylish and well equipped. It spreads on almost 1200 m2, has three bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and high ceilings, and a huge terrace with comfortable furniture perfect for relaxation.

The design duo Roman & Williams was in charge for flawless style of this apartment. The entire interior is dominated by white colour which gives the space lightness, freshness and the illusion of spaciousness. Plenty of light comes through the French windows that stretch from floor to ceiling in the living room. Even the children's bedroom combined white with delicate pink tones, so that, if future owners have children already have the perfect space for their young ones.

If you're in the mood for buying good properties in New York, this is the opportunity.

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