How to achieve a soft and classy look in your home

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When it comes to creating the notion of elegance and luxury in your home, you might think of things like attention to detail, minimalist living, and clean contemporary lines; indeed, well-balanced and well-proportioned decor is the height of contemporary elegance. But while this might sound like a difficult feat, it doesn’t have to be hard to bring elegance into your living space. Here are some important things to take into consideration when creating a soft and classy look for your home:

Architectural lighting

Lighting has long been a mark of elegance in the home, and nothing says class like a lighting scheme that has been custom designed for your space. To truly make the most of a room, invest in high-tech architectural lighting. For example, soft uplighting from a built-in headboard can make your bedroom feel spacious and much akin to a serene boudoir. Modern chandeliers can also help open up bigger spaces like dining rooms and bring a grand look and feel into your living space.

Fresh flowers

Just ask any interior designer, fresh flowers are an absolute must for a classy interior. Not only will they help brighten your mood throughout the day, but they’ll also help take your current room design even further, and completely transform the space. Rather than artificial flowers, fresh flowers are the key to adding elegance to any interior; cream blooms and vintage whites (see here: hydrangeas and peonies) will have a big impact on any room and can be styled in delicate vases for that added extra drop of elegance and class. If you want to breathe life into a forgotten space, an oversized floral display will do just that - just make sure to keep the rest of the room understated and neutral.

Wall mouldings

If you’re looking to add luxury and elegance to a period property, wall mouldings always come up trumps over wall coverings. Yes, wall mouldings are typically more time-consuming and more expensive, but the results are always worth it. They add character to a room, frame your furniture, and highlight some of the beautiful original designs in your home. Not lucky enough to be blessed with a period property? You can also replicate this look in your new build with applied decorative mouldings which give the same effect. If applied correctly, no one will even be able to tell the difference…

Sometimes, the height of class and luxury in your home can be achieved by simply adding small decorative details and nods to contemporary design. Architectural lighting, fresh flowers, and wall mouldings; when brought together, all these small but important details give you a sense of interior je ne sai quoi that’s impossible to recreate elsewhere.

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