Impeccable luxury penthouse for sale

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, One57, a luxury skyscraper known as the Billionaire Tower, is getting better and better each day...

It now houses an incredible residence that is available for purchase, designed by the award-winning designer Jeffrey Beers International. This apartment is fully furnished and ready to welcome its new owners.

It is sold at an incredible price of $ 29 million, and it is a modern and luxurious residence with plenty of interesting details that will remind you of the affinity of the designer towards glass blowing and his famous bookshelves for very graceful forms. The modern elegance which this designer combines with American sensibility is the perfect description of this incredible project.

The One57 boasts a central place in the Manhattan panorama, promising a superb view of Central Park and the entire city. In addition to an incredible view, the luxury residence has much to offer, including a custom-made artwork in the living room, behind which is a huge TV screen.

Also, future owners of this apartment will be able to enjoy hand-made armchairs, Minotti sofas, beautiful Kagan sofa with John Pomp accent table and many other impeccable details. Staying at home never seemed better...

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