Interior Colours which Make any Living Room Look Luxurious

When designing any interior space, among the first questions you’re going to ask yourself is: what colour would I like it to be? Nowadays, we’ve access to unprecedented colouring options. By selecting a few choice items and the right paint, a room really can be any colour you like.

In your living space, your choice of colour is particularly important. This is where you’re going to be spending a large chunk of your downtime. What’s more, it’s the part of your home that your guest will see the most of, and so it represents a chance to make a good impression. That means making the most of your paints, furniture and living-room curtains.

For a really luxurious living space, a few colours stand out as appropriate.


A neutral colour like grey will provide the perfect backdrop for those bold accent pieces to really ‘pop’ from. Or, alternatively, you can install grey furniture, grey blinds, and grey carpets: that way the bright-yellow clothes you’re wearing will become the focal point of the entire room.


One colour that’s always been associated with luxury is purple. Roman nobles used to spend an absolute fortune on ‘Tyrian purple’ dyes, so that they could flaunt their wealth and status. And the link has never really gone away. A dark purple pairs nicely with natural leather sofas and hardwood flooring.


If you’re going to go super-gaudy, then black is the way to go. It’s famous for matching everything, but it’s especially luxuriant next to gold and silver. Matching jet-black with an existing living-room setup isn’t the easiest thing – you’ll need to be careful with your choice of furnishings. But that said, if you want the ultimate in luxury, black and gold is difficult to top.


When celebrities roll into a film premier, or foreign dignitaries swoop in for a visit, then the first step is usually to roll out the red carpet. Thus red is naturally evocative of glitz and luxury. Reds come in a range of shades, but for best results we’d say a deep burgundy is the safer option, as it’ll keep everything vibrant without being overwhelming in the same way as a scarlet.


The natural look of exposed timber beams is a sure way to make a living space feel luxurious, particularly if there’s a potent source of natural light nearby. Hardwood flooring is a great way to get the ball rolling, but you’ll also want a few wooden flourishes at eye-level, including mantlepieces, bookshelves and coffee-tables.

When you’re considering a new colour scheme, it’s worth bearing in mind what’ll work with your existing décor. The overall look of your room, after all, will be a product of the stuff that’s already in it. On the other hand, if you feel like making sweeping changes, and your budget allows, then why not start with a blank slate?

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