It's no joke: an 8 m2 appartment in London with a price higher than 200.000 dollars

When it comes to the real estate market in London, many listings lead us to think that these are actually unsavoury April Fool's jokes…

However, it usually turns out that they are not funny at all, but serious, as is the case with a one-bedroom apartment in the western part of the city, with a view of Harrods, which can currently be bought for $ 207,435, and which does not even have a bedroom nor the bathroom!

Located in Knightsbridge, one of the most prestigious parts of London, the apartment, ie the building in which it is located, offers a view of the prestigious Harrods department store and Hyde Park. However, with only eight square meters, can it really be called a new apartment?

Although the new regulations prohibit entrepreneurs from building housing with an area of ​​less than 40 square meters, this apartment was first rented in 1976 and was used before the minimum square footage was legally determined. Therefore, it does not violate any laws, but it still became the subject of public condemnation, due to its incredibly high price.

Many people have commented on this listing, stating how “corrupt” the real estate market is and how clear it really is why many people can’t afford a real roof over their heads and their loved ones.

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