Luxurious penthouse at Lisbon’s most prestigious address

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LUXXU has joined forces with Portuguese designer João Campinas for an entirely new project that proudly embraces its Portuguese heritage at every turn.

The Seven Hills penthouse resides in the heart of Lisbon, a city renowned for its rich culture and reverence for tradition. As for style, Campinas has selected a fusion of contemporary and classical elements, drawing inspiration from one of Portugal's most stunning features: nature. Throughout the interior, one can admire diverse characteristics that exude the strength and warmth of natural elements, particularly in the choice of materials used for each space. The décor encompasses a wide array of high-quality LUXXU designs and other brands like PullCast or Boca do Lobo to showcase the authenticity of Portuguese design.

Portuguese craftsmanship is a hallmark of the apartment's entrance, where traditional elements complement the décor, albeit with a modern twist. A creamy color scheme prevails in this segment of the interior, with wooden walls and marble flooring leaving a powerful impression.

On one side of the entrance, the remarkable Vertigo mirror commands attention with its phenomenal circular form and intricate brass detailing. It harmonizes with the Algerone console, a durable and timeless piece crafted from premium materials.

The staircases, constructed of marble and glass, are accompanied by the contemplative and precisely geometric Magna wall lamps. These lighting fixtures feature brass frames and alabaster centers for soothing illumination.

The kitchen adheres to the same color scheme as the entrance, highlighting a modern aesthetic in its design. Light-toned wooden elements blend seamlessly with luxurious details, such as the marble countertop and high-quality design. Three Galea Swivel bar stools create the perfect corner for a lavish breakfast experience beneath the Liberty chandelier's glow.

The dining room shares the same concept and space as the kitchen, enjoying ample natural light, fostering a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Nature emerges as a subtle inspiration, particularly in material selection, while wooden walls set the scene. Luxury once again reveals itself in the creamy-neutral tones.

The Algerone rectangular dining table serves as the central piece of this room. Defined by Statuario marble and captivating lines, its innovative design takes marble abundance to new heights, mixing it with other materials like glass, brass, and leather, rendering it an exceedingly versatile article.

Though modest in size, the bathroom doesn't lack opulence. Echoing the apartment's aesthetic, this space is abundant with marble, leaving a timeless impression in every direction. The rectangular Orbis mirror provides contrast while simultaneously harmonizing with its cosmopolitan vibe. It personifies golden radiance through its intricate brass sphere-adorned frame. Custom PullCast brand handle models have also been commissioned to lend additional details to this bathroom.

With calming shades of beige, grey, and white, the bedroom boasts distinctive features and details that set it apart, from marble and wooden walls to an expansive leather headboard, not to mention all the luxurious pieces and LUXXU lighting fixtures.

The Algerone bed offers maximum comfort and style, blending contemporary architecture-inspired design with high-quality materials. It's not the only selected piece from the collection, as the Algerone ottoman stands out on its own, and the Algerone bedside table adds exceptional elegance to the overall décor with its geometric lines.

When crafting the aesthetics of this bedroom, the Magna pendant lights cannot go unnoticed. These dimensional lighting fixtures create a unique ambiance. With a gleaming brass frame and alabaster ornamentation, Magna evokes a sense of rarity inspired by the splendid beauties of the horizon.

The final detail is the meticulously crafted ceiling that presents a distinctive and incomparable plaster decoration, further underscoring Campinas's attention to craftsmanship and design invested in creating this exceptional apartment.

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