Luxury apartments for those who want to be different

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Located in the heart of New York's Hudson Square, 15 Renwick is a new residential development project, designed to attract wealthy people who want to be a little different...

While the exterior of the project is in accordance with the architectural style of the surrounding buildings, the interior is where the magic really happens - or in this case, parallel steampunk reality. But mostly reality is unparalleled luxury quality. The floors in the lobby of this project are tiles of cement, with polished stucco ceilings, while apartments feature hardwood floors with unique patterns. Each residence within this project will be well-equipped and contain all the modern conveniences expected from a luxurious residential property.

Among the many services which the residents of this phenomenal residential complex will enjoy are 24-hour butler service, a gym with the charm of the old era, laundry room and roof terrace. Once completed, this project will include 31 residences whose price will range from 2.5 to 15 million.

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