On top of the famous Plaza Hotel, a 6,300 square foot triplex truly lives up to the expectation...

With a tasteful look featuring a ravishing luxury that doesn’t surprises us at all, Georgetti Penthouse is a gorgeous project completed by Georgetti and Gal Nauer back in 2009. High-end details and Italian furniture from Georgetti create a private and intimate environment where opulent luxury and serenity seem to go hand in hand.

The living room is designed in a way that brings it very close to nature, especially because of the raw green accents and also the wallpaper picturing vegetation around a tree trunk that is a presence in other rooms, too, like the master bedroom or dining area. Space isn’t an issue in here, the apartment having plenty of it, yet each corner seems to be carefully decorated, so everything looks in a perfect order. Of course, a terrace with views to the wonderful New York could not miss.

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