Architect Claudia Lopez from Lopez Duplan Duplan Arquitectos studio, designed this home, integrating elements of comfort and style...

Reconfiguration of the basic plan, as well as redesigning every room, the architect has created a serene home in Mexico City. Originally built in the 80's, Casa Lomas Altas offers a three and a half stories in height, providing a view of the environment through the frameless windows and sliding doors leading to the terraces, at the same time maintaining a sense of privacy throughout.

The living area includes a wall lined with books on each side of the fireplace, while the dining room opens to the terrace overlooking the lush greenery. Bedroom upstairs is a spectacular place, showing the long window with a modern space for the books below, indicating the host love to knowledge.

When it comes to the bathroom, the inspiration continues - toilet and when you are trapped between the glass and open to the interior space and the outside. With a large skylight that fills the space with light, this space is definitely made for relaxation.

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