Modern apartment with French allure

Created as the work of Oksana Salberg - Vachnadze, a Russian interior designer and founder of O2 Design Moscow studio, this modern apartment consists of vivid colors and well-balanced contrasts.

Inspired by the French minimalist style, the interior design has a great color palette and bold choice of patterns, which emphasize the modern lines of lighting and furniture design in each room. The layout of the apartment is very simple - it is a three-room unit with two bedrooms and a living room combined with a kitchen. The owner's wish was an interior with a modern and respectable style. Through a vivid color scheme, this impressive interior design project fits in as the colors of the modern movement fit perfectly into the contemporary style.

The living room is the center of this project. The color palette is full of bright accents of yellow and blue, gold and green, which are elevated due to the white background of the walls and ceiling. In the center of this area is a striking round table with an open metal base, with tempered smoked glass resting on a base of shiny stainless steel, which is the work of the Boca do Lobo brand. The space also features a vibrant yellow armchair and a rug with a pattern that mimics the look of stone.

Next to the living room is an equally eclectic dining room, which is a perfect blend of colorful modern furniture from the most iconic brands, such as the Bonaldo chairs and the Cattelan Italia table. The sophisticated and aristocratic style of this space was created thanks to contemporary artwork, velvet curtains and a unique chandelier by Delightful Lighting Brand that hangs over the dining table.

The kitchen is more neutral in colors with straight lines, light and dark neutral tones and wooden accents. It represents something like the silence between the storm of colors of other areas. Vibrant yellow chairs and blue curtains are a great accent of this kitchen, which reflects how ecological motifs and luxurious touches can fit perfectly.

This bright and joyful interior design shows how a surprising color scheme, stylish pieces of furniture and impressive contemporary works of art can merge and enliven a beautiful house.

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