Most expensive hotel suite in Italy

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When in Milan, do as the Milanese, the residents of this city do...

However, many of them may not be able to afford to stay in the new, largest and most luxurious hotel suite in Italy, where one night costs € 20,000. Katara suite is certainly a unique luxury, in several ways. How many suites you can see that have a discreet high level of security, such as bulletproof windows?

This suite is located on the top floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, and comes with a complete set of luxury amenities for the most important VIPs - for example, they can organize a barbecue on an exclusive roof terrace, or enjoy a glass of champagne while sitting in the Jacuzzi in the private Pagoda Spa center.

This suite, depending on the needs of the person who rents it, can be expanded by combining two rooms next to it and unique Princess suite located on the level below. Katara suite has an area of ​​about 1000 m2 and four luxurious bedrooms, which can hold up to eight people.

On the website of this hotel, Katara suite is recommend senior officials - that is, if a politician is planning to come over in Milan, this will be the best place for him. Otherwise, this suite has its own luxury pedigree, because for the second year in a row, it carries the title of The best suite in the world.

Otherwise, if you book a vacation in this suite, a Maserati will wait for you at the airport, which will take you to the hotel. Check out our gallery and see for yourself whether one night in this apartment is worth 20,000 euros...

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